Saturday, March 21, 2009

the world is changed

Victory! (Phase one, at least.) I know how to ride! It's not a pretty sight, fairly wobbly, but I did a small circuit around the Palisades rec center without any falls or other serious embarrassments.
Now I can confess that I have been very nervous about this project, no less so after the launch, when I really felt like there was no way I would actually be able to do it.
For the record, here's how I got pedaling (with thanks to sensei Jon): I began with coasting on the grass, and when I felt balanced enough there, I moved to the paved path. That's where I really got the hang of moving the front wheel around to keep balanced. Finally the physics began to make sense! Plus, I saw how there is upper-body work to biking, which I hadn't appreciated before.
Once I was seriously gliding, I went back to the grass and tried getting my feet to the pedals. That took another leap of faith, but the balance practice gave me enough stability to do it. I hadn't planned to go back to the pavement after that, but since my husband and daughter were still occupied on the playground at this point, I figured I'd give it a shot--and presto! And fun.
Now I know why my friends who bike are so darn happy.

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