Sunday, June 14, 2009

woke up happy...

... because today I get to do this thing I said I'd do! Or, as my daughter just said, "Yay, today is the Big Ride, I am so excited!"

The weather is gorgeous--even better than we'd expected. I'm mostly packed, with my BG meter, phone, and ID tucked into a wedge pack that straps under the seat of the bike. Water bottle is cooling in the fridge. Coach Jon took me to the bike store on Friday so I could get real padded biking shorts, which feel pretty funny but which I am assured will make a difference. I'll also be wearing my Red Rider jersey and tour de cure socks that Tour Boss Nicole gave me. Child and husband will be wearing the groovy "Team Training Wheels" t-shirts that I designed in a fit of creativity.

And Dan will be riding with me every bit of the way. This may not look pretty--I may have to stop a lot, and pant a lot--but, shockingly, I have indeed learned how to ride a bike.

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Jim, the Guacamole Diet guy said...

I loved your article in the Washington Post.

"It was just like riding a bike."