Thursday, April 9, 2009

style matters

So of course one of the reasons I am interested in this whole "bike" situation is the design aspect: hence the fabulous Electra Townie I purchased. Am still working on its accessories. I got a sweet little water bottle cage, in white, which I would never have chosen except that it matches perfectly with the retro creamsicle aesthetic of the bicycle. Am toying with the idea of a basket, and of course I want a cute little bell. (The Electra people also sell handlebar streamers, but in leather, which I find slightly disturbing.)

But this just raises another question: What to wear when I ride? It's addressed, to a point, in last week's New York Times, but not very satisfactorily. So far I've just been throwing on a strange assortment of items that are functional (short pants, or narrow pants, with a warm-enough top). I think this may add to my "crazy lady on the wobbly bike at the park" aesthetic, which I would be happy to move past. But I am so not ready for the spandex. Is there a happy medium?

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